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Welcome To Grass Roots Of Yakima Valley


                       Because of multiple health problems I’ve had to end Grassroots of Yakima Valley and its monthly meetings.  4/14/16 was our last meeting. 



Our Beliefs

We are a group of people from the Yakima Valley who believe if you are in the United States illegally, you are breaking the laws of our Country....

We believe all people from any foreign country have the right to become citizens of the United States the legal way.

We welcome you to come in, assimilate, LEARN ENGLISH, be proud of the American flag, and be more proud to be an American.


We are non-partisan.  All of us were born in the United States or have become legal citizens.

Our group strives to keep people informed of what the Government is doing behind our backs.

We are making great efforts to force the government to:





 We need to:




We strive to increase awareness to the problems/dangers of American's  loss of the United States sovereignity due to illegal immigration.

Stop the North American Union/ Security, Prosperity Partnership.

Stop State and Federal funding for illegal aliens


Our government will not do anything to help so, We, the people are going to have to stand up and fight for our rights. None of us like paying taxes to support people who are here illegally. 



Stop the North American Union

Most people have never heard of the North American Union in our country, and that is just what our government intends  for us not to know anything before it is all a done deal.

The North American Union or NAU is very serious and will give our country away to foreigners. We will no longer have a border with Mexico or Canada. We will be all one nation. The super Nafta highway is being built  from Mexico into Texas, and up into the middle part of the United States, where it will branch in all directions throughout the United States into Canada.  Kansas City, Missouri will be where a port of entry will be . A Spanish company called "Cintra" will collect tolls for the next 50 years, from the use of this port. Is this what America wants?

Let's wake up before it is too late!!!

Go to http:/, scroll down to back issues. Click on Spring 2007. Just below Special Report, click on "Dark Moon Rising".


Best informational site to check out.